I’m pleased to announce Jonathan Dobbs has joined the ACRU as Project Director for the Committee to Support and Defend. (CSD) Captain Dobbs served as an Active Duty Chaplain in the United States Air Force, advising leaders on spiritual, ethical, moral, morale, and religious accommodation issues within their units.

Jonathan Dobbs, Committee to Support and DefendPrior to his Active-Duty Chaplaincy career, he entered the United States Air Force in 1997 as a Crew Chief on the F-16 Falcon. Soon after he was commissioned in the Air Force in 2002 through ROTC at the University of Georgia as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer. In 2008 he transferred to the Reserves while completing his MDiv to prepare for full-time Ministry. After which, he transitioned to IRR for a seven-year term of pastoral training and missionary service in South Asia. In 2016, he was endorsed and re-appointed into the Air Force Reserves as a Protestant Chaplain. He served as Deputy Wing Chaplain for a Combat Search and Rescue Unit along with being a full-time missionary in South Florida. Captain Dobbs was awarded Chaplain of the Year for the Air Force Reserves in 2019, and soon after was selected from the Reserves for active-duty military service. In that role, he delivered ministry for 1,200 yearly worldwide aerial refueling and special airlift missions of the United States and their other collation partners. In 2021, in his final assignment, he served as a Chaplain for Pope Army Air Field in support of the 82nd Airborne.

Jonathan will be focused on engaging veterans and former military members and their families to mobilize to protect constitutional values here at home. The first major CSD initiative is enabling military families and veterans to help guarantee free and fair elections by serving as poll workers and poll volunteers.

Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Jonathan and his family!