Ken Blackwell: Stranger Danger — Protect Vulnerable Voters from Fraud

“Stranger Danger.” This phrase is used by parents to warn their children about predators. In this election year, it is also an appropriate warning for vulnerable citizens who could be targeted by activists who will try to suppress or steal their votes.

Lawmakers Repeal Nursing Home Voter Fraud Bill Before It Goes Into Law

The goal of a special legislative session is usually for Texas lawmakers to get stuff done that they didn’t, or couldn’t, during the regular session. But, during the 30-day session ending this week, though, lawmakers worked to undo something they passed just a few months prior: a bipartisan effort to curb mail-in ballot fraud in nursing homes.

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Macomb County Nursing Home Worker Pleads Guilty In Attempted Election Fraud Case

A Macomb County nursing home employee pleaded guilty after she was accused of forging signatures on absentee ballot applications, according to the Michigan Attorney General’s Office.

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Arizona woman pleads guilty to voter fraud after accused of forging dead mother’s signature

An Arizona woman has become the 10th person in the state charged with voter fraud in connection with the 2020 election after she pleaded guilty to voting illegally on behalf of her deceased mother, authorities said.

Special Counsel Finds ‘Widespread Election Fraud’ In Nursing Homes

“Rampant fraud and abuse occurred statewide at Wisconsin’s nursing homes and other residential care facilities,” according to the Office of Special Counsel’s second interim report filed on March 1 with the Wisconsin Assembly. That conclusion represents but one of the key findings of election irregularities detailed in the nearly 150-page report—a report that also confirms the conclusion of the Racine County Sheriff’s office last fall that fraud occurred at nursing homes in Wisconsin.


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